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katell keineg 2009-05-01 the living room, nyc - coffee. french roast. black.

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Tori Traders

May 3rd, 2009

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07:56 pm - katell keineg 2009-05-01 the living room, nyc
Katell Keineg
May 1, 2009
The Living Room, New York City

After a little heming and hawing about whether I was up for the trip (it was Friday and it had been a long week), I decided at the last minute to go down to NYC to catch the rare gig by Katell Keineg and am sure glad I did. I dunno why I was even going back and forth about going -- music is all and Katell is nothing if not music.

Track 5 is new, I think, and she didn't mention the title. So rather than guessing, just leaving the name (and the tag on the flac) blank. If anyone happens to know, please fill us in.


01. Smile
02. Cut
03. Little Joe
04. St. Martin
06. There You Go
07. Dear Ashleigh
08. Calenture
09. Summer Lovin' Song
10. Shaking the Disease
11. Hestia

Katell Keineg - vocals, guitar
Dim Gurevich - bass, organ, backing vocals
Ben Perowsky - drums, backing vocals
Ed Pastorini - piano, organ, backing vocals
Ann Scott - backing vocals on 9

Taped by woj
Source: sp-cmc-8 > sp-spsb-1 > mz-rh910 Hi-MD (line in, Linear PCM)
Transfer: mz-rh910 > usb > SonicStage 4.3 > .wav > Cool Edit 2000 (compress/normalize) > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > flac 1.1.1 (level 6) > flac

download flacs via bittorrent on dime or mp3s on mediafire.

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